Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kate Gosselin is smoking hot!

Blogger Post numero uno, it's my first one so let's get this started shall we?

Kate Gosselin has a brand new bikini body and is in the latest issue of People Magazine....hence the picture.

Can someone please explain to me how you go from this:

To a complete MILF! And you are telling me this woman has 8 children, 6 of which were in her stomach at the same time? If I were Jon, I would be shooting myself in the head after looking at this cover page. I bet all the money in the world he picks up a copy of this magazine and has some alone time with it. The only reason why I watch her show is because she is smoking hot. Anyone agree with me?!


  1. She has breast implants now... her breasts never looked that good.

  2. Yeah i agree, prolly has them....

  3. she is just doing it for the money and attention that john never gave her

  4. Oh wow was that her before the glamor ? At least shes sexy now !